IT Adventures On Ice

The adventures of Matt Butcher (TheButcherer) as I journey to the South Pole to spend the Austral Winter of 2021

The postings on this site are solely my own and are not necessarily representative of the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Antarctic Program, GHG Corporation, or any other entity related to the Antarctic Support Contract (ASC).

Latest from the Blog

On Small Updates

I’m still around, working a new job and am working on a few personal projects. One of those projects is going to be working on this site more and posting more updates and working through posting my massive backlog of photos from Antarctica and a few small trips since. More to come, I promise. -Matt…

On Taking a Break

Long time no post. Started off as just missing a week but then just kept not feeling like taking the time to get a post up so I decided to just take a break from posting for a while and get another one up when I felt up to it. Thanks to the people who…

On Camping

Hello everyone, first things first, I finally uploaded pictures!!! Some of them are as recent as this past Sunday!!! I also completely rearranged my photos page. The gallery on there was getting huge and unwieldy and apparently took a long time to load even back up north where there’s good internet (I thought it was…

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