On Camping

Hello everyone, first things first, I finally uploaded pictures!!! Some of them are as recent as this past Sunday!!! I also completely rearranged my photos page. The gallery on there was getting huge and unwieldy and apparently took a long time to load even back up north where there’s good internet (I thought it wasContinue reading “On Camping”

On Chores

One more groundhog week has come and gone. Been pretty uneventful as usual. For Tech Rescue ERT we went over properly belay techniques and for Fire Brigade we did some comms checks with our radios to see if there were any areas where we might run into issues. Aside from that it’s been pretty quiet.Continue reading “On Chores”

On Rest

Okay, I know it’s been two weeks or so since my last post. Last week I wasn’t feeling 100% so I decided I’d hold off on posting and just rest up a bit. Not a ton has happened in the last couple of weeks. Last Friday we had our monthly all-hands ERT drill. So everyContinue reading “On Rest”

On Milestones

Another week has flown by here at Pole and I am, once again, a couple of days late on my posting. This may become the new normal time for me to post as the satellite that we get our first bit of internet for the day from is coming up earlier and earlier (today wasContinue reading “On Milestones”

On a Very Long Dusk

Well this post is a couple of days late so sorry about that. I’m still getting used to the internet being up an hour earlier than it had been so by the time I realized I hadn’t written my post the good satellite was gone. The skies continue to get darker and darker though it’sContinue reading “On a Very Long Dusk”

On Darkening Skies

Another successful/quiet week here at Pole. Like the week before there wasn’t a ton going on, though this week we didn’t have to make any preparations for Sunset Dinner. I’m still working on processing my photos, I’ll get them up eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later. One of my goals that I came down hereContinue reading “On Darkening Skies”


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