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Matt Butcher (TheButcherer)

I typically suck at these, feels like I’m writing another dating profile. Hi, my name is Matt, I like camping, beer, video games…. wait, this isn’t a dating site? Oops. Anyway, I’ll be the Sr. System Administrator at the South Pole Station over-winter in 2021. Decided to make a site so I can keep everyone who is interested updated with what’s going on with me and a place I can post pictures.

I’ll also have a YouTube channel set up so I can post any videos I might make, especially ones of the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights). Heck, I might even get real wild and make an Instagram but we’ll see what happens.

Hopefully you enjoy my posts and keeping up with me, feel free to contact me via the “Contact” page (I worked real hard on the name for that one) and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about what life is like on Ice, my journey down there, or my journey to even getting to the point of going.

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