On a Very Long Dusk

Well this post is a couple of days late so sorry about that. I’m still getting used to the internet being up an hour earlier than it had been so by the time I realized I hadn’t written my post the good satellite was gone. The skies continue to get darker and darker though it’s hard to tell from inside the station. If you look out any given window most of what you’ll see is your own reflection. Once you step outside though you can clearly see which direction the sun is because it is noticeably brighter that way, though even that is fading. We’re supposed to have all windows on station covered this Friday because that’s when they’ll be turning on the really light sensitive instruments. With the light fading even further, we’ve started to see stars in the sky though. The first one that peeked out was Sirius and more show up every night. A few nights ago I stepped out onto the observation deck and got to see the Southern Cross for the first time. I was particularly excited because one of the things I was really looking forward to was getting to see stars and constellations I had never seen before.

This past week has been much the same as the previous ones with the exception of me attending my very first training for the Tech Rescue ERT. We went over some basics for me since I was having to catch up with the rest of the group. Today is my second training with them and we’re heading down to the LO (Logistics) Arch for some stuff down there. For our Fire Brigade training on last Friday we did another drill where we practiced searching a berthing wing, extracting a patient/victim, “putting out a fire”, and RIT (Rapid Intervention Team). RIT is what happens when one of the teams of fire fighters goes down and either calls a mayday or stops responding to radio calls/check-ins all together. As luck would have it, both times we’ve done these drills I’ve been on the RIT team. I’ve gotten pretty good at fumbling for my webbing (similar to rope or cord but it’s more like a one inch wide strap tied into a loop), getting it attached around one of the “downed” fire fighters, and hauling them down the hall.

As far as other activities go, I’m continuing with the martial arts class every Thursday (moved from Wednesday) which has been fun and I’m really enjoying it. Friday was also the second session of the D&D campaign which I’m having a lot of fun with. We had a lot of good laughs during that session. I’m not really playing any volleyball anymore, just wasn’t having as much fun with it so I decided to not spend my time doing something I didn’t find fun. One thing I have picked up is doing the New York Times daily crossword. My friend Danielle has been awesome and been printing me out a copy every night and leaving it on my desk for me to work on. I’m definitely noticing that I’m getting better at them, I was able to do up through Thursday of last week before I started struggling more.

It seems like I’m getting better at finding ways to talk about the things that do happen in a given week even though there isn’t a ton of variation. That being said, I’m sure there will be some weeks where there just isn’t much to say. Danielle and I were talking about this fact the other week (she’s also got a blog that you should absolutely check out Wild Antarctic | Adventures on the Ice) and she had the idea to talk about how various things on station work and what people jobs are, stuff that might not get up in a normal blog or update post. I told her that I was going to borrow her idea so in the future there may be some of those posts. As far as pictures, yes I have some, no I haven’t edited them yet, yes it’s because I’ve been lazy or done other things. Anyway I hope everyone is doing well and as always I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read this. Also, there is an email address listed on the contact page, feel free to email and ask me questions. I love being able to answer them and I think I’ve only gotten one question so far.

— Matt “do we have a telescope on station that isn’t a radio one” Butcher

2 thoughts on “On a Very Long Dusk

  1. Thanks fir your posts, Matt. What a great, life changing adventure you are having!! I’m picking your blog up off your Mom’s FB posts😀

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