On Falling Temperatures and Long Shadows

Hey everyone, sorry I’m a day late. I think blog posts are going to start getting shorter for the most part as there’s not really a lot of different stuff that happens from week to week. I’ll still try and keep posting every week though for the time being. That being said, this last weekContinue reading “On Falling Temperatures and Long Shadows”

On Daylight and Transitions

I’m officially finished with my first full week here at Pole! On Monday night the station transitioned to level green which meant we no longer had to wear masks when outside of our rooms. To celebrate, we had a little get together in the galley so we could meet people and learn what their facesContinue reading “On Daylight and Transitions”

On Temperature Checks and Small Aircraft

The long awaited moment is here! My first blog post from the bottom of the planet! I safely arrived here at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station yesterday a bit after noon. Not gonna lie, I thought my weeks in the managed isolation would seem like a long time but they were nothing compared to spendingContinue reading “On Temperature Checks and Small Aircraft”