On Rest

Okay, I know it’s been two weeks or so since my last post. Last week I wasn’t feeling 100% so I decided I’d hold off on posting and just rest up a bit. Not a ton has happened in the last couple of weeks. Last Friday we had our monthly all-hands ERT drill. So every week we meet with our ERT teams and do training, for fire brigade we usually practice specific skills like searching a space and finding a ‘victim’ while blindfolded or doing our own drills. Once a month, though, we do a station wide drill where everyone has to work together and then we take a look at what we can improve on. These drills change every month, the one prior was practicing search and rescue for a missing person (one person on station was told to “go hide” and we had to find him). This month’s was more of a standard “hey a fire alarm went off” drill but next month’s is supposed to involve the Tech Rescue team so that will be interesting.

Aside from ERT training and work, things have been pretty calm and stable. Saturday brought the end of healthy April which I managed to go the entire month without having a single dessert (except for on my birthday but those don’t count). We decided to celebrate on Saturday night by hanging out and having some drinks which was a good time, even if I did end up staying up a bit late. Fortunately, every Sunday is coffee bar hosted by Danielle and Josh so I was able to wake up to a nice cup of coffee made in the espresso machine instead of the regular old drip coffee that we have in the galley.

We’ve also had some pretty amazing auroras which I’ve managed to get some good pictures and time lapses of. Some day I will have pictures posted, hopefully sooner rather than later but yeah… time kinda gets away from you down here. If it weren’t for the events that happen on certain days (and daily crosswords), I’d have a much harder time keeping track of my days. I’m going to keep this post kind of short since work has been keeping me pretty busy lately but, as always, thanks for reading!

— Matt “are you sure today isn’t Monday” Butcher

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