On Sunset and Bad Weather

Well this last week has been a mostly quiet one. We had our second long weekend in order to celebrate the Sunset, unfortunately it has been cloudy most of the time so we may not actually get to watch it dip below the horizon. That didn’t stop us from having the annual Sunset Dinner over the weekend though. Our amazing chefs produced a truly delicious meal and some incredible desserts that reminded me just how lucky we are to have them here with us. After dinner, we all pitched in to return the galley to its normal configuration and then went to the big gym where we had set up a bunch of mattresses for a sleep over and to watch a movie. Early on Sunday morning, there was a break in the clouds so I did manage to get some pictures, I’ll be working on getting them posted during the coming week. I hope everyone is doing well back home and that you’ll all enjoy the sun for me since I won’t be able to for some time.

-Matt “maybe I didn’t need to get new sunglasses” Butcher

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