On Darkening Skies

Another successful/quiet week here at Pole. Like the week before there wasn’t a ton going on, though this week we didn’t have to make any preparations for Sunset Dinner. I’m still working on processing my photos, I’ll get them up eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later. One of my goals that I came down here with was getting myself in better shape and being all around more healthy. To that end, this week I started a workout routine with the help of my buddy Josiah, he’s our PA (Physician’s Assistant) down here. I’m also working on being more conscious of my eating habits. I think I’m off to a good start, did four days in a row at the gym including riding 15 miles on a stationary bike on Saturday evening.

Over the course of the week we also had some clear weather so we were actually able to see some amazing skies for sunset. On Friday we had our monthly all-hands ERT (Emergency Response Team) drill. This month’s drill was to practice search and rescue of a missing person. In order to do the drill, one of our facilities guys was told to “go hide” and then we had to find him. The drill went really well and he was disappointed with how quickly we actually found him so I guess that means we did a good and efficient job.

As always, I appreciate everyone who takes time out of their day to read this, especially as they start getting shorter and with less variety (well, less variety so far, hopefully nothing too exciting happens). Photos will be up eventually, maybe in the next week but when they are posted I’ll be sure to let everyone know in my post.

— Matt “I had just gotten used to it always being daylight” Butcher

2 thoughts on “On Darkening Skies

  1. Matt:
    Your Mom shared your blog post info and I’m now among your fan club during your amazing adventure!!
    Happy Easter!
    ? How will the “Bunny” find you😊.
    Take care. Love Aunt Nene 💕❤️


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